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  • Stock lot of young fashion clothing from online shop Carlings
  • Over 100 different styles of clothing of different brands
  • The goods are not individually wraped, but mostly with tags
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  • Stocklot: diferent styles, diferent sizes
  • Selection of styles: not possible
  • Selection of sizes: not possible


  • Wide range of goods
  • Limited quantity per style
  • Low Price
  • Optimal shipping costs per item
Packaging   —   Bag

PACKAGE is a double layer, polypropylene outside and polyethylene inside bag, providing leak tightness and reliable protection of products against mechanical impacts during transportation. A package is sealed by logistic managers, that guarantees the integrity of the goods.

Net weight   —   18,08 kg.
Jersey items 19
Skirts and shorts 10
Jeans and pants 11
Accessories 8
Jackets and blazers 6
Woven items 4
Dresses 5
Knitted items 5
Shirts 7
Shipping cost
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